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Meet the Staff of B&B Auto Sales

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Paul Brown - Owner and CEO

(401) 641-2102 - paul@BandBCars.com

Paul has been blessed in the used car arena for 20+ years basing a successful, growing business on these two principles: 1) Live by the Golden Rule and 2) Build relationships one car at a time. Paul gives credit to the Lord and thanks to his amazing support group of love championed by Laura, his wife of 30 years, his daughters Melissa and Amy, and his son Tim. Additionally, ( at least according to his staff) he has a seemingly endless supply of extended close family members and their friends who work their way to the lot from all corners of the earth. Paul is also a life coach, a pastor, is an active participant with Meals on Wheels (an organization started by his father Joe), loves to golf and is celebrating the recent birth of his and Laura's first granddaughter, Tourmaline - a truly precious gem. Consider this an open invitation to come meet Paul. You'll be greeted with open arms and a big smile and you'll probably be asked to come join him in conversation. Paul's love of people will become apparent to you and you'll soon realize his unique gift to help improve and transform one's perspective on life.